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Italy is rightly famous for its quality shoes and I come from a family of shoe and bootmakers. As I always wanted to be taller it got me into the idea of creating a really good quality range of elevators. Variety. Style. Fashion. In all sizes. Well made. Why not? They just did not exist anywhere at all. It’s hard to realise when you go back just a few years. Everything was poorly put together, old fashioned and in small sizes. Nothing – not a thing – was fashionable. Or even remotely of the late 20th century. Never mind the 21st century!

Emanuele Briganti
Emanuele Briganti


I am 5’9″ (175cm) and it’s quite a funny height for a guy. I never usually felt ‘short’ as such, but when I did some modelling in my teens I was basically told I was ‘too short’ for some work. In Italy, it is a kind of average height but you yourself sometimes do not think so. If you are around my height I am sure you can understand that. You regularly see guys who are taller and you think: “I would like to be as tall as him”. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad height. But!

For me too, the idea of creating an elevator range of great quality and fashion felt right because my ancestors founded a high quality hand-made shoe company 100 years ago. Although they stopped producing when mass production really took off the 1950s, something was in the blood and I always liked very high quality shoes. What if I could use those traditional techniques to produce a really modern range and include elevators as a core feature? A Unique Selling Point.

I myself have views and thoughts on how guys should wear elevators, and in my posts I want to express these and also give you more details and background on footwear I have created.

If I have one fairly standard view, it’s that many men probably want to go too high and that they should consider the pluses and minuses of this. I totally understand why, and in some situations in life, a 5″ (12cm) elevator is just perfect. Going out at night with your mates to a club or bar and getting the max height is just superb. But in other situations, a slightly more discreet 3″ (or 4″) is better. And there is no reason why you cannot do BOTH. At different times.

In this blog, I want to explain all this from my perspective, as a maker of elevators and as someone who has always deeply desired to be taller. I also want to hear what you yourself want by way of styles, what criticisms or thoughts you have, your concerns about elevators, or your past experiences.

Elevators are more than just normal shoes or boots with a solid wedge jammed onto the bottom. To fit right, and to look right, they have to be designed well. To allow for the height increase and to make it look natural and above all completely un-artificial. A well designed shoe/boot with, say, an elevator slightly over 3″ (8cm) is undetectable on any man under any circumstances if it is properly designed.


Emanuele Briganti
Emanuele Briganti

Design HAS to incorporate fashion and trend and be alive to it. And with elevators, you have to take a lot more into account when you are making them and styling them. Nowadays, guys of all ages want their footwear to be fashionable, even if the styles are often classic. And also if you are wearing elevators above a certain size, you have to make sure you get the rest of your clothes right. If you look at photos of some celebs who wear seriously big elevators, it is only obvious because they are wearing enormous slightly dated heavy looking footwear with suits on red carpet occasions – the suit looks wrong, the boots look wrong. The whole effect is wrong.

I have picked up many thoughts and ideas since becoming involved and I want to share these with you, even if you never buy a pair of our elevators!



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Friends call me BigRob because I am super tall and always wear elevators and lifts. Mid 30s, based in London but work all over Europe in the entertainment business. I started adding height in my late teens when I helped a friend run a club and there were these three incredibly tall guys who dominated the place and had the pick of all the girls. I wanted to match them! My actual height is 6’2.5″ (190cm), which for most is of course a superb height, but I like being in the 6’6″/2m range.

My mate Steve, who I will refer to from time to time, is your more usual elevator wearer – he is 5’9″ and always wanted to be 6′. Although his experiences are to some degree different to my own because of this, in fact the basic rules and logics are exactly the same.

I used lifts for many years but then over the past couple of years have got into elevators. In the past, elevators were crap and I wouldn’t have been seen dead in any of them – old fashioned, bad quality and in tiny sizes. Now, though, there are great makers of good quality boots and shoes (like GuidoMaggi), and I feel very comfortable wearing them – they are also better than lifts because you can gain more height and with great comfort. I have been a client of GuidoMaggi for two years when I bought my first pair (Shanghais, 5″).

Elevator 5inch boots

This piece about me gives you a bit more detail http://lealea.ca/index.php/2015/08/31/bigrobs-story-15-years-of-getting-the-best-out-of-adding-height-and-making-all-the-mistakes-along-the-way/ but in a nutshell, I have learned just so much over the past 15 years about adding to my height that I can help you avoid some of the mistakes which I made (and which are easy to make). And I can also point you in the right direction to get the most out of adding to your height and wearing elevators or lifts.

I first got into writing and advising about all this when I posted my e-mail address on celebheights website – guys clearly wanted/needed advice and were in the dark as to how to find it. You just try finding out any real info about the techniques of getting the most from lifts or elevators! I read again and again people saying stuff online that is either totally inaccurate (often just plain barmy) or missing the point, so I got in the habit of trying (very politely) to correct these daft statements, having been ‘an expert’ (!) for all these years. Some people just have an issue with things or have an agenda. My own agenda is straightforward – I have taken my height up several inches (I vary it with no problems for occasions and for what I have to wear), and I have learned what you can and cannot do, and am always learning new things. I like to share this, it’s quite simple.

This blog itself I hope will help with all of that a lot. Guys who have written to me were often making loads of mistakes (trying to jam too much lift into certain types of boot etc), or too fearful to do anything because they just had nothing to go on in terms of advice or background. I have had loads write to me asking for specific advice. I have helped because I know that once you get it right, it is relatively easy to do it without fear of being discovered, and in comfort. It’s all about balance and getting it right. And fab being taller than you are and knowing no-one needs know anything about it.