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By BigRob

BigRob’s Five Elevator Commandments

So here are BigRob’s Five Elevator Commandments. A summary of all the stuff that I think you should (and should not!) do. And be aware of. Wearing height enhancing boots and shoes gives you a terrific buzz and doing it right makes it risk free. In future posts I will expand on my 5 Elevator Commandments (and hopefully one day star in the film) because each of these is the key to getting the best out of adding height all the time, and whatever your lifestyle. Here they are, in summary:

Use the Confidence Trick – trust me, people are very unobservant, unless something is specifically pointed out to them. So wear your extra height with confidence. My mother works in psychology research and she tells the funniest stories about trying to get people to remember details (like in a crime scene or in trials). The police say that passers by who see the same thing report those at the scene as anything from 5’7″ to 6’3″, with dark/blonde/red hair. Even the sex they get wrong. And this applies to amazing degree to stuff like height, glasses, facial hair etc. People, even those close to you, will be completely unaware of a bit of added height: if you plan it right you can get away with a lot more than you would ever imagine.

2   Always consider your lifestyle when it comes to height addition – this should be obvious if you want to go undetected and it is actually the most important Commandment. You totally cannot wear 5″ elevators all the time if your lifestyle involves you removing your footwear every 5 minutes. But you can add a discreet couple on inches and The Confidence Trick will carry you through no probs. If you are a suit wearer, then putting on great thick-soled boots taking you from 5’7″ to 6’ again just will not work. Not the height thing, so much as the fact that such boots only go with certain clothes. But you CAN get away with the thinner soled 4″ elevators. I will come back to this one a lot.

Always consider what works in terms of style – this has nothing to do with having to be trendy. It is all about how what you feel comfortable wearing fits with your desire to add height. If you wanna wear shorts and flipflops everywhere, you’re limited to either adding lifts to your trainers to gain an inch or so, or buying some trainers with elevators. But you have to stay low. This applies with what I said about suit wearers in Commandment 2. Have you ever seen the red carpet shots of guys who appear to wear stuff to enhance their height? Whether Stallone, Robert Downey Jr or Brad Pitt actually DO wear elevators, they do wear heavy shoes which give them a bit of a boost. Always. Aaaargh. On a catwalk in a suit – at times in countries like the UK, this is a short-lived fashion statement by the young. It has no place in an office or on guys like that. This is another really important commandment because it dictates both how high you can go, and in what circumstances – there are times when you can go higher and no-one will notice. More of that in a future post.

4   Prepare and plan, try out and learn –  Strong advice on this. I have made shedloads of mistakes over the years adding height. Lifts and rolled up socks that slip around and make it difficult to walk, stuff bought that was too tight, suddenly realising I have the wrong boots with what I was wearing even though it seemed right. So pay attention to shoe size (Commandment 5) and try everything out both walking around at home or down to the shops or on short trips first. Elevators are waaay more comfortable than lifts jammed into existing footwear but lifts are worth trying for short bursts just to test out the feeling you have with added height. And also wear them a bit without telling your girlfriend or mates – and you will realise (Commandment 1, Confidence). Wow No-one has noticed, the sky hasn’t fallen in, all eyes are not on me saying ‘he has added height’. In fact you are almost disappointed. I am 2″ taller but no-one has noticed. But that is just GREAT. You will be taller but no-one will say “have you added height?” or be trying to work it out. If people say anything (unlikely) it is: “I never realised you were so tall”. This is controversial by way of advice but I believe that before buying elevators, it’s a good idea to wear lifts/add a bit of height to existing footwear if you can. But my advice in Commandment 5 is vital if you are going to do this.

5   Buy a size (or even 2 sizes) bigger than you would normally wear from now on – now this is the most controversial Commandment, the one that some of my contacts have initially ignored (and I totally understand why, it just seems plain wrong). But then when they finally DO do it, they always say “you were right, you were right”. The one thing about adding height is that it is a bit of a science, but not an exact one. It involves all sorts of considerations, eg about the space at the top of the boot, the width, etc. If you decide to try out lifts, you just cannot do much in a pair of boots or shoes that are your normal size. eg the top of your foot hits the boot and strains and becomes painful. And loads of other things. So buy bigger. This is particularly brilliant with trainers. It allows you to get yourself prepared for adding height properly through more comfortable elevators. And elevator sizes? Well I buy a size larger for one reason – I may want to add a tiny tad more by way of an extra lift into my elevators in certain circumstances. Just to ram home my advantage! Not much but a little.

All the rest of the considerations you probably have – What happens at airport security? How high can I go? How much actual lift do I get from a 4″ elevator? Should I build up gradually? What sort of quality should I go for? Will people notice? – are covered by BigRob’s Five Elevator Commandments and so I will go into these in greater detail in future posts. I had several years building up my height and now that we wear current good quality elevators, for me and for my mate Steve it’s the (very comfortable) answer. He now hits just a tad over 6’, from 5’9″ and I (yes it’s daft I know) get from 6’2.5″ to 6’6″ (2m-ish).

Next post and I will start a bit more detail on each of BigRob’s Five Elevator Commandments


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