Elevator Boots
By BigRob

BigRob’s story – 15 years of getting the best out of adding height (and making all the mistakes along the way!)

My story is simple. I’ve had 15 years experience of adding height, and now regularly get 5″ (12cm) of heightwith no-one noticing. Sounds incredible maybe, but I made all the mistakes along the way. Most of them have been errors made through lack of understanding of the logics of doing it. Too much lift in some boots (ouch, after 10 minutes on the feet), the wrong type of lifts, the early days of crap elevators (happily now passed, with the great ones available on the market) and not understanding a kind of simple science behind getting it right. And only that short time ago, there was absolutely no place to go to find out any info, you were just working in the dark.

I posted my e-mail address on a height site a few times, having explained my history and I got back a shedload of replies asking for advice. The replies all had one thing in common – they were stuck by a lack of info, and too much opinion online masquerading as fact.

This post is an intro to me and I hope to write regular pieces on techniques. I am nothing to do with the lifts/elevator industry! I am a nightclub promoter, based in London (England) but travel a lot.

Those 15 years have seen amazing changes in what’s available out there.

I am 35, and my friends call me BigRob because I am tall (very tall with my elevators!) and have worked on my body so have a decent shape. I am also going to tell you about my mate Steve who I met through one of the sites – we both share an interest in making ourselves as tall as poss: we take no risks, we plan carefully. And I like to share info with other guys because it is truly amazing what you can get away with.

I hope that my pieces about the pair of us will help you in your quest to get taller.

Steve is 5’9″ (175cm), works in the sports industry and has always wanted to be “over 6 foot tall”. He lives with his girlfriend, is younger than me (27) and achieves his 6’+ by elevators and lifts, again like myself. Now I am totally different, and this

bit will probably surprise you – I am 6’2.5″ (190cm) and my thing is that I like to basically be the tallest guy on the block and aim to get comfortably to 6’6″ (2m-ish). I got LOADS of comments and questions from other tall guys who also ALL wanted to be taller.

My story and Steve’s, they are both relevant to the stuff that I think ALL guys want to know in the early stage – the pitfalls, the pluses and the considerations, the stuff you have to think of to see how adding height (and how much) fits into your lifestyle.

Why make my mistakes of 2001, 2004 and 2008 when you can avoid them? Some of it is mildly technical but there is nothing complicated, honestly. There is a kind of basic science or logic about what you can and cannot do. Very basic. But if you DON’T know, you can make mistakes that either put you off, are expensive or just a waste of time. Going out with ill fitting lifts, struggling around and then thinking “never again, not for me”. Lifts are great btw but you have to do them right and they only really work up to a certain height.

Can people tell? What if anything do you say to your girlfriend/partner? How much can you actually gain from different techniques and height enhancing shoes? How high can you go? How can you avoid it being obvious? In your work, sport, day-to-day life, what can I aim to achieve?

When I started it was rolled up socks, and specially bought lifts IF you could find them – any elevators on the market were in small sizes and in styles that no self respecting guy (certainly not of my age at the time) would wear. They were like out of the ark, or a 1950s B Movie. But not now.

Every few months over the years, I would check online to see if elevators existed that were good looking. And every few months I would be disappointed! Until those last few years.

And so for the past 2 years, after well over a decade wearing just lifts, I started on elevators and there is no doubt that they are the most comfortable way of seriously adding height. Having a bit of a thing for trainers, I still wear a lot of them (with loads of lifts) but by and large now it’s my elevators.

So that’s an intro to us. My next posting will start to tell you a bit more about the techniques Steve and I use and how we got to them. Why not post a reply, and ask questions? Or tell me something I might not know? Since I have been in touch with others, they have often told me of things they do which I had not thought about. It works both ways, this business of getting a max height!

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