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elevator shoes
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Emanuele : Custom made styles and designs…the ultimate

However many styles and designs you have on your site, many guys have in mind something they do not see there. That special type of boot that they like and would LOVE to have…but in a form that adds height! Much better than stuffing lifts in styles bought from a shop.
Understandably, many guys who want to be taller have spent years dismissing elevators as a non-starter.

Elevator Sneakers
By Emanuele

Emanuele : Sneakers/trainers/call them whatever

The Brits (and other countries who have Brit heritage) call them trainers, while North Americans tend to go with sneakers.  They have been the biggest ongoing ‘news’ in footwear for a long time, never ever out of fashion, although styles change a lot and very quickly among those who are well into them. Much hyped and branded, the whole area is confusing for many, even those who know a lot about it.

Elevator Shoes
By Emanuele

Elevators – the inside track from a top bootmaker

5’9″ (175cm) is a funny height for a guy. I am from Italy where it is a kind of average height. This might seem strange, but you yourself sometimes do not think so. If you are my height I am sure you can understand that. You regularly see guys who are taller and you think: “I would like to be as tall as him”. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad height. But!
Let me give you an example of what I mean. In my teens I modelled. And I got a fair amount of work.