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By Emanuele

Emanuele : Sneakers/trainers/call them whatever

The Brits (and other countries who have Brit heritage) call them trainers, while North Americans tend to go with sneakers.  They have been the biggest ongoing ‘news’ in footwear for a long time, never ever out of fashion, although styles change a lot and very quickly among those who are well into them. Much hyped and branded, the whole area is confusing for many, even those who know a lot about it. There are whole sites devoted to sneakerheads in a way there are for no other types of footwear and those prepared to pay thousands for some ‘rare’ beast linked to a particular sportsman or whatever.


One interesting point about many trainers though is that they are among the footwear already with the greatest lift. Check out sites and you will see that many offer an inch to start with or more. They are second only to Timberlands and some workboots in what they offer. This is probably because of the basketball heritage (you can always do with a bit of extra height even if you are 2m+ like Magic Johnson or LeBron James!).


This however makes it much more convincing to create trainers with serious lift and height enhancing features. Just look at a lot of the trainers on the market anyway and you’ll know what I am saying.


With my trainer designs I have aimed at mixing both mainstream looks with something just a bit more – fashion and tradition together which makes them have a long shelf life – you won’t have to get rid of them after a season because they are now ‘out of style’! Clean and fresh and the kinda thing you’d see rock stars and actors wearing at red carpet events or when photographed leaving clubs/a restaurant or out casually. As trainers are such a matter of taste and style and response to hype, I felt it important to make sure that I aimed to build a full range that combined all the features of modern trainer design and that they fit the era and current fashion. No-one has really until now committed to designing a range of modern looking trainers with up to 4″ elevator.

Here I am featuring two of my most popular designs – the best selling California and the super comfortable San Antonio which would not be out of place in any top range. The thing about them I have had by way of feedback from customers is that they are both comfortable and undetectable. Looking at the San Antonio I am wearing you just no way would ever think that it featured serious height enhancement.


The California is our best seller and is great for both casual and dressy casual – the sort of footwear that many guys want to have so they can basically wear it almost anywhere or to anything. It has a cushioned lightweight rubber outsole, finished with a full grain nappa leather upper and shiny black calfskin. And of course is hand worked in Italy.


Elevator Sneakers
San Antonio Elevator Sneakers


The hi tops I am wearing – the San Antonio – have a very modern but classic look and the great thing is that, as you can see, the trainer is totally exposed and totally undetectable even with shorts. How often can really wear elevators easily with shorts? This is because the trainers have been designed specifically with this in mind, so they fit naturally to accommodate the lift. The way trainers fit the foot and sit when you wear stuff like shorts is really important to guys who are into trainers. The San Antonio has a  cushioned lightweight  rubber outsole , finished with grey technical fabric upper and details in  shiny black calfskin…and of course again, everything is hand worked in Italy.


With these trainers you will totally forget you are wearing elevators and can wear them comfortably all day.

Emanuele : Sneakers/trainers/call them whatever
Emanuele : Sneakers/trainers/call them whatever
Written by: Emanuele
Date Published: 09/04/2015
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