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Elevator Sneakers
By Emanuele

Emanuele : Sneakers/trainers/call them whatever

The Brits (and other countries who have Brit heritage) call them trainers, while North Americans tend to go with sneakers.  They have been the biggest ongoing ‘news’ in footwear for a long time, never ever out of fashion, although styles change a lot and very quickly among those who are well into them. Much hyped and branded, the whole area is confusing for many, even those who know a lot about it.

By BigRob

The ‘Confidence Trick’ – how to pull off adding height with ease

In BigRob’s Five Elevator Commandments, my number one relates to confidence. I call it ‘the confidence trick’ not because I am being critical of it (I do it myself every day and have done so for 15 years!) but because it is a sleight of hand you have to do with confidence. And it is actually very easy.
Fear of being detected
Unless you are really unusual, or your circumstances are different, the number 1 fear you will have about adding height is detection.