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By Emanuele

The GuidoMaggi Ischia – timeless and classic, but fashionable

One of the big things about getting elevators right is to make them look as natural as possible, above all in terms of styling. It is absolutely crucial that quality and up-to-date trends HAVE to be taken into account. I hesitate to use the word ‘fashion’ because although there is undoubtedly a place for fashionable and trendy boots – Guido Maggis has loads of them! – for most guys, the core is about something that looks very good quality, and timeless but stylish and up-to-the-minute.

You may find it hard to believe, but this is something that has always been lacking in elevator technology until recently. This is probably because most elevators in the past have been cheaply made in mass production techniques to a rather old fashioned style. The effort was put into creating big solid wedges of lift jammed onto the bottom of fairly standard and old fashioned styles. Cheaply.

You can’t tell

The Guido Maggi Ischia 3.1″ (8cm) boot is one of the most comfortable and good looking of the range imho. It feels great on, looks fab whether you are wearing it under jeans on a motorbike, with a pair of well cut jeans, or looking very trendy with the boot completely exposed. You really CANNOT tell that they are elevators or feature a lift, even when they are exposed.

Ischia Elevator Boots
Ischia Elevator Boots


When I designed it, I wanted to create a very high quality multi-purpose cross between a British brogue style and something with a slight military edge to it. The military aspect is not too strong so the boot can be worn everywhere and in any circumstance, in fact with any style of jeans or pants. But that aspect is very popular and has worked its way right into style and trend throughout the world.

The ones I am wearing here are those 3.1″ and when I am wearing them they take me from my perfectly respectable height of around 5’9″ to about 6′. The lift itself is completely undetectable, which is why I can easily wear them fully exposed with the jeans tucked into the boots. This looks good in the right situation. And these are exactly the type of boot that a guy of any age can wear.

And there’s another thing about quality. These boots are designed specifically with height increase in mind so the technology and hand crafted quality go together to ensure that they look good and are discreet when it comes to height. They just do not look like they are TRYING to make you look taller. The very last thing you want is for someone to look at your feet, see some pretty cheap looking shoes AND think that you have added height. Aaaargh.

Getting the buzz of greater height



Elevator Ischia Boots


It’s a funny thing this, but people really do NOT notice the discreet kinda lift which you get from a boot like the 3’1″ (8cm) Ischia in the GuidoMaggi range. But of course that only becomes obvious once you do it. You put them on, get the buzz of that greater height, but are also delighted that no-one actually comments. That seems odd in a way but it’s what you want. You want to appear taller but you don’t want loads of comments about it, or even thoughts. Just a kind of quiet realisation that you are in fact taller than they might have thought!

You are just effortlessly and naturally taller and there is no way that anyone will put it down to a good looking pair of high quality brogues – it’s only natural when you are going for more height that you want to feel totally comfortable and confident in every way. A boot like the 3.1″ Ischia is the first one I have written about here because it is a kind of natural first step into elevators or height enhancing. A midway point between trendy and conservative, classic, fashionable and you can wear it with anything. And the height addition is the best start point – you may want to stay at the 3.1″ forever. You may want to go for a bit more. But the most important thing with these is that they are safe, comfortable, timeless and very very cool.


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