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By BigRob

Your lifestyle – it decides how much you can add

In my 5 Elevator Commandments http://lealea.ca/bigrobs-five-elevator-commandments/  I talk about lifestyle and making sure that how and when you add height is tailored to how you live.

This is probably one of the total keys to making sure you don’t get detected and to making it work for you. And to looking right in elevators. Now if you are into making yourself taller, you will of course know all about the online comments relating to guys like Cruise, Pitt, Downey Jnr, Stallone, Diesel et al. Loads of stuff on their height challenges and whether they wear elevators. There is one thing in common with at least some of these guys – even if they do NOT wear elevators, most of them at times seem to have the worst of all worlds – they wear boots with suits that make then LOOK as if they are short guys wearing elevators to get tall.


elevator shoes

I’m sure that every one of you reading this no way wants anyone ever ever to know that you are adding to your height. It’s like THE biggest thing that stops a lot of guys doing it – and I can totally understand that. I never ever want anyone to know, and they don’t. And a big part of this is that I learned never to compromise the way it looks in an attempt to get too tall in certain circumstances.

And so one key is to wear what suits your lifestyle, job, social life, age etc. And it is SO important. This has one helluva impact on actually how high you can go.

Put really simply, you just CANNOT wear 5″ elevators if you have to wear a very formal suit every day. You can for sure get away with 3″ and some versions of boots that are 4″, but if boots are a no in what you do, and is has to be shoes, well you are limited really to 3″ pretty much max. And that’s a great height addition, don’t get me wrong and well worth it.

And here is one of the main reasons. If you CAN wear boots at work, like say the GuidoMaggi Ischia, then you CAN get the 4″. But just look at some of those guys I have mentioned, those Hollywood stars – there’s Stallone wearing great big thick-soled boots with a suit on the red carpet, trousers crumpled over some great big wedge at the heel. There’s RDJ wearing what I can only say are the weirdest clumpy trainers/sneakers, again in a suit on a red carpet. And on and on. Pitt and Cruise at least have got it kinda better. But even they seem to make mistakes. If I were to have to judge, it seems that they are trying to get just and just too much height, and ruining the effect. They can probably get away with wearing those type of things with a lot of their wardrobe and when the focus is not on full length – but absolutely not with a suit and like that and when there are so many images shot full length. Every now and then, great big chunky boots come into fashion with stuff, even suits – but not for guys like that and at events like that, specially in the US, which tend to be very conservative for men. So it LOOKS like they are doing something weird to add height.

Elevator shoes,elevator boots,height increasing shoes,tall shoes,
Elevator Boots Ischia


Imagine those guys in the 4″ Ischias or Portofinos. Same effect but way more classy and undetectable.

But lifestyle is not just about suits and boots. It also relates to other things. A number of guys who have got in touch with me over the past couple of years have asked questions about how high they can go, and I always ask back some questions in reply – do you play sport? do you take your shoes off at home with others? Do you want your partner to know or not? Age plays a part (I have had several lads around 18 asking how high they can go, and age is a limiter for a number of reasons).

If you are in the football team, play squash every day or cannot wait to get into the pool with your mates, well it just looks all wrong adding 5″ in the changing room right after, specially if you are below 6′. Weirdly enough, and you’ll probably just have to discover this for yourself if you find it difficult to believe, most will actually NOT notice anything very much (strange but true and I have mentioned this before in my Commandments about people’s lack of observation) but in a sporting situation of close physical contact where build and height etc play a role, well some WILL indeed see you have more height and will question it beyond just the comment about ‘solid boots, mate’. You really do have to limit it to 3″ if your lifestyle is built around sport, and believe me others will then just think it is what happens to most people in footwear or will not even be aware. You can then add a bit more on nights out and for special if you want.

Age. Well when you are, say, 18, your life has many twists and turns ahead – job, partner, social life and interests, college. It is possible that those (like sport) just do not fit with max elevation! Or that ones lying around the corner will not fit either. But in all cases, you CAN add some good height and it looks good. But again, 5″ will probably not work at that stage unless you are totally determined and know what you want now. Emanuele often advises people not to go too high at first and he is right. For me, settled in my mid 30s and in a job where I can wear what I like…well I can and do add 5″ all the time. And I do. If you are on the young side, then start low and ease up in height later on (or indeed you might decide that your life’s restrictions make it not for you). But 3″ is a serious addition and works a treat.

Home life is important – if you are at home with a load of people who kick off their shoes etc. Well, you yourself have to decide how high you can go without it looking dramatic. Everyone looks taller in their shoes – even in flipflops (half an inch, roughly a centimetre….still a lift!). And most women wear heels, so you adding 2/3 inches will not be too obvious to those close to you when you go out. If you doubt this and want to know the response before committing to buying elevators, then right now take a pair of boots you often wear and put them on to go to buy something at the shops or whatever, adding some good lifts into them. Cut down carpet tiles, specially made lift kits, socks/whatever. And you yourself will feel, wow, well taller. But oddly no-one you are even pretty close to will notice. The nearest you might get is ‘you look nice and tall in those boots’ but no-one will think you are doing it on purpose. And that would be pretty rare. Yes, if you go much higher and immediately, they could notice. But not at that 3″ level. But you WILL be taller and will seem so publicly.

Another factor is your partner, who will notice very little in the 2″/3″ range (it’s just like wearing a pair of Timberlands), depending upon perceptions and their own footwear – think heels! If you go higher, say 4″, then not everyone will notice, but some will. And some LIKE the idea of their guy being taller. Regular heel wearers like my own partner do not seem able to work out heights of their men very much – if you are going up and down several inches then you do have a different perspective.  If your partner seems NOT to like you taller, then you have to think about keeping your height addition lower and perhaps even just for special occasions.

Your own style now – if you are a shorts, t-shirt and flipflops guy, well elevators are probably not for you other than for an occasional night out. Very casual shorts and exposed shoes limit you totally and there is just no point other than gaining the odd bit here from these trainers and flipflops which Emanuele mentioned in his recent post  http://lealea.ca/emanuele-sneakerstrainerscall-them-whatever/

Here I will just say that my own lifestyle is perfect for getting the max outta elevators – I never ever wear a suit, I always dress casual, I choose current stuff that goes with my really big boots/5″ elevators. I am mid-30s (so beyond the restrictions of school, college and immediate youth), and am not a great player at sport any more (no Sunday football for me, although loads of my mates still play).

Always have a full length mirror to check yourself in at home, and fit what you are wearing on your feet with your whole style and life and personality. Never do anything that looks odd or like you are trying to add height. And if in doubt, knock an inch off what you buy first time round. Go for the thinner soles if you are shorter or over 30 or work in an office. And go for styles that will not draw comment to your feet. Big chunky boots are great for fashionistas, clubbers and night time people, and you can even wear some elevators like that with skinny jeans.

The real point is that every guy can get a bit taller and undetectably and many can get waaaay taller undetectably – it’s all about doing it right. If ever you have any questions on this aspect of lifestyle, just ask.

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